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A Wynn, win happening in Vegas

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La Reve~Las Vegas style

By Carol Davis

Carol Davis

LAS VEGAS–If you’re looking for spectacular, eye popping, lip drooling, utter amazement and sheer pleasurable entertainment drop in at the Wynn Resort on the Vegas Strip in Las Vegas and catch La Rêve (The Dream). you won’t be disappointed.

Created by ex Cirque creator, Franco Dragone, the show is now in its fifth year and I can’t imagine anyone not seeing it on his or her next trip to Vegas.

Le Rêve is the ultimate underwater show in the round you will see in some time. Dragone whose prints are on  “Mystere”, and “O” has taken “Le Rêve” (this is not a Cirque show) to the next level and it is one engrossing and awe inspiring experience under Brian Burke’s nifty direction.

Le Rêve, which gets its name from a 1932 Picasso painting showing a woman sleeping on a chair starts off pretty much with a woman and her lover embracing. When they part, she walks off on to a platform, snuggles into a chair, and falls asleep. Before our eyes she is submerged into the water. (There is a million gallon tank that allows performers both sea and sky access). The show then proceeds to follow her through a series of dream cycles some of which are happy, some bizarre, some controversial, some sad and some pretty sexy.  Read more…

‘Neighbors’ an angry play intended to stir white guilt

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Cynthia Citron

By Cynthia Citron

LOS ANGELES — Neighbors, a play now having its west coast premiere at The Matrix Theatre, is an angry, nasty,  hateful, and thoroughly mean-spirited take on the “black experience” in America.  Its goal, I would presume, is to make its audience squirm and feel guilty.  Squirm, yes.  Guilty, not so much.

Neighbors, written by New York playwright Branden Jacobs Jenkins, presents as its focal point the family of Richard (Derek Webster), a black adjunct professor of Classics at a local college, Jean (Julia Campbell), his white “once a poet, now a nothing” wife, and their shrill, belligerent, teen-age daughter Melody (Rachae Thomas).  These three had problems even before their new neighbors moved in.

The new neighbors, the Crow family, all in blackface and bizarre costumes, are a troupe of stereotypical minstrel performers consisting of Mammy (Baadja-Lyne), dressed like Aunt Jemima, Zip (Leith Burke) as the old-time minstrel character Zip Coon, Sambo (Keith Arthur Bolden), Jim (James Edward Shippy) representing Jim Crow, and Topsy (Daniele Watts), wearing an oversized wig that looks like it’s made of steel wool.  Read more…

Clinton stands by her quote to defend Israel against Iran nuclear attack

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JERUSALEM (Press Release)–U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was interviewed in Jerusalem by Israel Channel 10 personality Yaakov Eilon on Sept. 16.  The transcript of thier interview was just released.

QUESTION: Madam Secretary, thank you very much for speaking with us at Channel 10. Welcome to Jerusalem.

SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you. It’s wonderful to be back.
QUESTION: With this beautiful backdrop of the Old City, I guess the question is will this city eventually be divided between the Palestinians and Israelis?

SECRETARY CLINTON: We are the beginning of what everyone in Israel knows are very difficult and intense negotiations on all of the core issues. And I’m not going to prejudge or predict what the outcome of those negotiations would be. But clearly, as I’ve watched the two leaders over the last few weeks, they’re not wasting any time. They’re getting right into talking about the most sensitive, most difficult issues. And the outcome is going to be what each thinks and is in the best interests of the Israeli and Palestinian people.
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16 ways Jerusalemites know Sukkot is coming

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By Judy Lash Balint

Judy Lash Balint

JERUSALEM — Sixteen ways Jerusalemites know Sukkot is coming:

1. The clang of metal poles and the sounds of hammering are practically constant as Jerusalem’s apartment dwellers hurry to erect their sukkot and squeeze them into small balconies, odd-shaped gardens and otherwise derelict rooftops.

2. The tourists have landed! Overwhelmingly religious, English and French speaking, they jam the city’s take-out places and restaurants, and may be seen in packs wandering up and down Emek Refaim Street and through the glitzy Mamilla Mall talking to their friends at top volume on their cell phones.

3. Almost every non-profit group worth tits salt has scheduled a fund-raising and/or familiarization event for the intermediate days of Sukkot, aimed at capturing the attention of the wealthy temporary Jerusalem residents. Read more…

Tel Aviv professor and Ph.D. student try to stay a step ahead of the hackers

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TEL AVIV (Press Release) — Used in a variety of products from credit cards to satellite televisions, secure chips are designed to keep encoded data safe. But hackers continue to develop methods to crack the chips’ security codes and access the information within.

Thinking like hackers, Prof. Avishai Wool and his Ph.D. student Yossi Oren of Tel Aviv University’s School of Electrical Engineering have developed an innovative way of extracting information from chip technology. By combining modern cryptology methods with constraint programming ― an area of computer science designed to solve a series of complex equations ― Prof. Wool and Oren were able to extract more information from secure chips. Their research, which could lead to important new advances in computer security, was recently presented at the 12th Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems (CHES) in Santa Barbara, CA.  Read more…

San Diegan Ariana Neustein, 3 others, named inaugural Global Service Fellows

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 WASHINGTON, DC  (Press Release)– Four inaugural fellows, including one from San Deigo,  have been selected to serve in a new overseas service initiative for BBYO alumni, the JDC-BBYO Global Service Fellowship, it was announced by The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and BBYO, Inc., the world’s leading pluralistic Jewish teen movement.

This fall Ben Becker, Laura Himmelstein, Ariana Neustein and Paulina Zaharieva will join the JDC’s Jewish Service Corps for one year to help communities with their most pressing welfare, Jewish renewal and humanitarian needs while developing teen programming and connections to Jewish life through BBYO’s innovative leadership programming and international network.  The JDC-BBYO Global Service Fellowship is receiving initial support from the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation.

Becker, Himmelstein, Neustein and Zaharieva will serve respectively as BBYO experts in the Jewish communities of Turkey; Israel, Argentina, and Serbia.  They will work to assess the needs of the Jewish teen community in their respective countries, build relationships, and expose teens to BBYO and global Jewish teen programming. Read more…

Holocaust denier Irving now plans tours to Auschwitz

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LONDON (WJC)–The convicted Holocaust denier David Irving is set to lead guided tours of former Nazi death camps, including Auschwitz and Treblinka, the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ reports.

The revisionist historian, who was convicted of Holocaust denial in 2006 by a court in Austria and sentenced to three years in jail, is scheduled to take a week-long tour on Tuesday to the former Nazi concentration camps and the site of the Warsaw Ghetto. The stunt is expected to attract a number of far-right sympathizers from across Europe. Advertising material for the tour promises an experience far removed from the “tourist attractions of Auschwitz.” Participants will be charged US$ 2,650 each.

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