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Arab rioting erupts during funeral in East Jerusalem

September 22, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

JERUSALEM (WJC)–Large riots have erupted in east Jerusalem as approximately 1,000 people joined a funeral procession for a Palestinian killed by an Israeli security guard in Silwan in the early hours of Wednesday. Ten people were injured, including a 35-year-old Israeli who was stabbed in the back near Mount of Olives and three police officers. Police reported that members of the funeral congregation threw stones at officers, vehicles and buses causing injuries and damage, and that a police vehicle and several other vehicles were set alight near Jerusalem’s Old City. Three buses were destroyed.

The 32-year-old east Jerusalem resident was killed by a security guard who was driving a vehicle on his way to a settler home when residents blocked the street with trash cans and began hurling rocks at him. The guard, fearing for his life, then reportedly opened fire with his personal firearm at a group of rock throwers and killed one of them. Police found two knives and screwdriver on the body of the victim who had a previous criminal history and was known to police.

According to Israeli media reports, the security guard is employed by a security company which was hired to protect Jewish residents living in the eastern part of Jerusalem. Its manager said that security guards were being attacked on a daily basis: “We are talking about attacks with rocks, metal poles and gunshots several times a day,” he told the ‘Jerusalem Post’.

Preceding provided by World Jewish Congress

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