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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, May 14, 1954, part 3

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Compiled by the San Diego Jewish World  Staff

‘Music Hath Charms’ For Juveniles Too
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 2

As a balance for all the headlines on juvenile delinquents, it is re commended tht you attend some of the S.D. Youth Symphonies.  Conductor Walter Peterson has done a magnificent job in assembling and conducting young   people in symphony work. The long hours of practice were evident in the playing of these talented young boys and girls.

Mary Kay Emery, ten year old piano soloist, held herself like a veteran of many years and played the tricky Mozart Piano Concert in F. Major, displaying understanding and talent.  Standing on the sidelines and being justifiably proud was her teacher, Miss Vivian Brown.

Hadassah Will Hear Book  Review May 19
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 2

A book review by Mrs. A.P. Nasatir will highlight the luncheon meeting of Hadassah, on Wednesday, May 19, at Temple Center at 12 noon.  The book, “Foolish Immortals” by Paul Gallico, was a 1953 best seller.

The evening group of Hadassah will be in complete charge of the meeting.  Cooking up a delightful menu will be chairman Mrs. Wallace Hirsch and her committee: Mesdames Frank Janowsky, David Askenaizer, Sidney Chemnick, and Leon Silvers.  Mrs. Frank Janowsky is program chairman.  In charge of decorations are Mrs. Earl Richmond and Mrs. Maynard Hurwitz.  To serve you will be Mesdames David Proctor, Chairman of Waitresses Committee, Steven Weisbrod, Herbert Bartel, Norwin Rosener and Jerome Greenstein.  Mrs. Norwin Rosner is in charge of luncheon hostesses.  Mrs. Al Rosen is publicity chairman.  Luncheon tickets may be purchased at the door. Reservations may  be made by calling Mrs. Walter Parker, JU-2-7941.

From Where I Sit
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 2

By Mel Goldberg

The San Diego Evening Tribune report of a Communist radio broadcaster stating last week that film star, Kirk Douglas, “lacked the literary knowledge of a fifth-grade Russian student…”  That’s really a good one!  Douglas then known as Isadore Demsky graduated from St. Lawrence University, Class of 1939.  Literary accomplishments: Phi Beta Kappa, Dean’s list of students maintaining above average grades, the Gaines Award for the outstanding literary student of his class, graduated cum laude with honors in English and history.

To further examine the record: he was president of the student body of almost 1500 students, a most remarkable feat for a non-fraternity, let along Jewish, student.  Douglas also demonstrated athletic prowess by never being pinned during his collegiate wrestling career.  All of the above mastered while he went through the strain of financial duress—his father had been a horse and wagon rag-peddler and the family were lucky if they had enough to eat on many a day.  Douglas sent himself through college by working as a waiter. Biographies now being accepted here for fifth-grade Russian students with the above qualifications of any part thereof.  One of Douglas’ five Jewish classmates was Marine hero Alfred Litchman, who at one time was stationed at Pendleton.  Major Litchman, much decorated during World War II, received a silver Star for his heroism at Guadalcanal, where for several nights in a row, he singlehandedly swam across a river under murderous Japanese fire, stole enemy food supplies, swam back, and kept his entire cut-off company alive until relief came….

Ever notice the building in Ensenada named “Casa Ginsberg?” ….

Mel Kendall, former Red Cross and “Frogman” instructor, is opening San Diego’s only commercial swimming school at a new pool, specifically designed for instruction.  One end is about as deep as a bowl of Lou Lipton’s clam chowder! …

The Turnabout Cooking School at the home Show is a new experiment adopted from L.A..’s successful Turnabout Theatre.  The audience watches ingredients being prepared at one end of the room, turn their chairs around, then see the cooking process on a simulated patio at the opposite end of the room. Recipes are all Cal-western and the whole deal is being supervised by Martha Logan, the human encyclopedia of home economics….

The only dog registered at the Coronado Hasassah Convention was a boxer belonging to the Saul Coopers of Beverly Hills.  Cooper, a relative of Mrs. David Block, recognized Mac Kaufman.  A bit unusual because the last time the two had seen each other Mac was playing handball in N.Y. City 92nd St Y and that was 25 years ago…

Jack Benny will be in demand as one of the outstanding after-dinner speakers if he doesn’t watch out.  His modesty and relaxed good humor, won over the large group at the Hadassah Banquet, honoring his friend, Eddie Cantor.  In contradiction to a remark made by Cantor, Benny quipped, “Cantor is so religious that he has two Cadillacs—one for everyday and one for Pesach.”  About his famous Maxwell, he said, “I found out it was a convertible and sent it to Denmark. It is now a Chevrolet.”…

Plenty of “body” in the suits at Leo Becks store.  Salesman Eddie Reeves wrenched his back hanging one up on the rack….

Sam Solomon says that English is a funny language.  While buying coffee the other morning he overheard a man say of a political candidate: “If he only takes a firm stand when he runs, he’ll walk away with the election.” …

Maury Gross, local Maxie the taximan, picked up a fare on 5th Ave.  His passenger inquired as to “How’s the taxi business?”   Maury informed him that “it stinks,” and then asked the rider how conditions were in his business.  “They stink in my business too,” the passenger answered.  “What line are you in?” Maury queried.  “Politics,” said the passenger, who then identified himself as Richard Graves, candidate for Governor ….

Just as a sobering thought:  has the time come when American Jewry—and all Americans—must be considered outcasts because they choose to be plain thinking loyal Americans. Does it have to follow that those of us, who recognize the horrible threat of Communism, past and present—must necessarily be called supporters of McCarthy.  We know of a local woman who has reached the hysterical state of believing that anyone who disagrees with what is printed in The Readers Digest, is automatically and unequivocably, a Communist.  In the same light—if we think—and we do—that McCarthy is a fraudulent outrage perpetrated on the American people and is, quite frankly, a calculating ballyhoo pitchman of half truths and innuendoes—does it have to follow that we must be classified as a communist?  We hold no quarter for Communists, Fifth-Amendment Communists and/or McCarthyites. Somehow we feel that as Americans, we can still retain a sober middle-of-the-road viewpoint and not become a victim of the pseudo mass hysteria which is rapidly overcoming America and which delights both the cunning Reds and the coat-tail grabbers of Sen. McCarthy.

Marriage Told
Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 3

Mr. and Mrs. Moe Pearl have made known the marriage of their son, Nisson, to Delores Katz of Brooklyn, N.Y.  The wedding took place on May 4 in Miami, Fla., where Nisson is associated with the Miami Beach Jewish Community Center.

Nisson studied at San deigo State College, received his B.A. degree from the University of California at Berkeley and his M.A. degree from the University of Chicago.  Delores is a graduate of Brooklyn College. 

The newlyweds  are making their home in Miami.

Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 3

 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schecter announce the betrothal of their daughter, Violet, to Alfred L. Perper, of this city, son of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Perper of Chicago.  The young couple have set July 11 as the date of their wedding.

Miss Schechter attended San Diego State College. Mr. Perper attended Chicago schools and is in business here.

Southwestern Jewish Press, May 14, 1954, page 3

Joe and Jean Spatz had a twofold celebration of their 25th anniversary last week. A family dinner was given in their honor followed by a weekend in Los Angeles and a dinner party given by friends there. 

Joe and Jean were so overwhelmed by messages of congratulations, they take this opportunity to thank their friends for their good wishes.

Sidney Posin left yesterday by plane to attend the Conference of Jewish Social Work in Philadelphia.  Sid expects to visit New York to see his favorite ball club in action – the Giants, natch.

Elsie and Edmund Herman, taking a respite from mundane affairs, spent a gala weekend in Las Vegas.

Leanore and Al Hutler celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary last week by a trip to Los Agneles and returned home to find their friends had arranged another celebration for them at home.

Mrs. Lou Moorstein will be hostess to her Minyon, the Leah Weinberger Memorial Minyon, on Tuesday, May 18.  Luncheon will be served in the garden, now at its height of full bloom, and movies shown later in the new recreation room.

Marvin and Deborah Grey have opened a real estate brokerage business at 2182 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., Ocean Beach area.  They have announced that they weill handle all phases of real estate in Pt. Loma, Loma Portal and Ocean Beach.

Our own columnist, Irving Stone, psychology instructor, and psychological consultant, will deliver a paper on “Smoking Habits in Psychiatric Disorders” at the Western Psychological Association’s meeting in Long Beach, May 20-22.

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