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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, May 14, 1954—Part II

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Compiled by Gail Umeham

Editorial Page
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

The Council Unmasked
It is shocking to learn that on the occasion of its annual convention in Philadelphia, the American Council for Judaism has allowed its antagonism towards Israel to bring it to the low point of soliciting and making public messages of Israel and the Jewish people.  Among those who have congratulated the American Council for Judaism are Dr. Charles Malik of Lebanon, spokesman of the Arab bloc at the United Nations in its unremitting campaign of slander and misrepresentation against the State of Israel and its American friends, and Mr. Rashid Murad, Consul General of Egypt in New York.

These and other Arab leaders have repeatedly proclaimed in recent years their determination to destroy a state called into existence by the collective will of the United Nations.

For a long time the vast the vast majority of American Jews have recognized that the American Council for Judaism, a fractional political group masquerading as a religious movement, has by one means or anther sought to hamper the establishment and later the development of the Democracy of Israel.  This is the first time, however, that a body of Americans, professing to be Jews, has publicly aligned itself with enemies of Israel and the Jewish people.  This disgraceful and humiliating spectacle will meet with the contempt it deserves from American Jewry and the great body of the American public which has sympathized with and labored in behalf of the restoration of Israel in its ancient homeland.

Against this background, we deeply regret that a number of distinguished Americans whose friendship and support for Israel have long been a matter of public record, have unwittingly associate themselves with a body f the character of the American Council for Judaism.

American Jewry’s Stake in Israel’s Sixth Anniversary
The sixth anniversary of the State of Israel is an event in which American Jews can participate fully—for it marks not only the close of six years of fulfillment for the new State, but the close of the six most memorable years in the history of American Jewry.  The unprecedented efforts of American Jewry in behalf of Israel’s people—made through the United Jewish Appeal—will live forever as one of the bright chapters in man’s struggle for decency and betterment.
Much has happened since May, 1948, when freedom and independence were once more established on the ancient soil of Palestine.  In those days Israel was fighting for its life against the combined armies of its Arab neighbors.  The D.P. and internment camps were filled with refugees from war and oppression who dreamed of a haven in Israel, yet Israel still had very far to go before it could fully absorb the large number of immigrants who wanted to come.
In six years, from May 1948 to May 1954, the American Jewish community gave the United Jewish Appeal the remarkable total of $569,000,000, of which close to $400,000,000 has gone for Israel-connected activities alone—a sum which financed the rescue and the movement to the New State of 723,000 men, women and children from 70 countries.

Today, as Israel stands on the threshold of its seventh year, great problems still confront her.  These problems are complicated by continuing Arab hostility expressing itself through blockade, border marauding and political harassment.  But the people of Israel are more determined than ever to go on with their main work—the building and strengthening of their democratic freedoms.

Jewish Center News
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

It’s guaranteed fun for a daughter or son, at the Camp Jaycee Day Camp.  All of the activities of a regular camp, with added feature of having your camper home each evening.  The activities will include swimming, horseback riding, hiking, games, and songs to mention a few.

The well trained staff of Murray Schwartz, Les Tokars, Harvey Goodfriend, Sam Sosna, Al Abrams, Sonny Demberg, Ethel Mallinger, Evelyn Herrman, Marjorie Shouse, Elana Barach, Dorothy Hess, Nanette Schwartz, and Phyllis Mollick will be directed by David Anfanger, who is in his fifth year with Camp Jaycee.  For further information call the Jewish Community Center, AT-1-7744.

Junior High Dance
Dance to the sweet music of the Center Juke Box.  Our class has grown into two sections and to celebrate this there will be dancing and refreshments.  All interested in joining the classes are invited.  Time:  7:00 to 9:30; Place:  Jewish Community Center; Date:  May 17.

Leadership Class
The second session of our leadership series will be Wednesday May 19th.  Registration is still open and the focus is on your own questions of what goes into leadership.

‘Music Hath Charms’ for Juveniles Too
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

As a balance for all the headlines on juvenile delinquents, it is recommended that you attend some of the S.D. Youth Symphonies.  Conductor Walter Peterson has done a magnificent job in assembling and conducting young people in symphony work.  The long hours of practice were evident in the playing of these talented young boys and girls. Mary Kay Emery, ten year old piano soloist, held herself like a veteran of many years and played the tricky Mozart Piano Concerto in F Major; displaying understanding and talent.  Standing on the sidelines and being justifiably proud was her teacher, Miss Vivian Brown.

Hadassah Will Hear Book Review May 19
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

A book review by Mrs. A.P. Nasatir will highlight the luncheon meeting of Hadassah, on Wednesday, May 19 at Temple Center at 12 noon. The book, “Foolish Immortals” by Paul Gallico, was a 1953 best seller.

The evening group of Hadassah will be in complete charge of the meeting.  Cooking up a delightful menu will be Chairman Mrs. Wallace Hirsch and her committee:  Mesdames Frank Janowsky, David Askenaizer, Sidney Chemnick, and Leo Silvers.  Mrs. Frank Janowsky is program chairman.  In charge of decorations are Mrs. Earl Richmond and Mrs. Maynard Hurwitz.  To serve you will be Mesdames David Proctor, Chairman of Waitresses Committee, Steven Weisbrod, Herbert Bartel, Norwin Rosner, and Jerome Greenstein.  Mrs. Norwin Rosner is in charge of luncheon hostesses.  Mrs. A. Rosen is publicity chairman.  Luncheon tickets may be purchased at the door.  Reservations may be made by calling Mrs. Walter Parker, JU-2-7941.

Pioneer Women
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

Plans are going forward for Pioneer Women’s Donor Dinner to be held at Manor Hotel on June 20th.  A fine musical program and speaker is being planned for this event which culminates the year’s work to raise our quota for projects in Israel.

New officers of Negba Club for the coming year are Jeannette Abrams, President for a second term; Rose Weitzman, 1st Vice Pres.; Goldie Kitaen, 2nd Vice Pres.; Bess Segal, 3rd Vice Pres; Bertha Gaberman, Rec. Sec.; Florence Lebb, Financial Sec.; Lillie Gordon, Treas.; and Dora Berner, Corr. Sec.  Board members will be announced later.
Friends and members are being reminded to support our Rummage Sale by calling AT-1-8236 if they have clothes to donate.

Jewish Center Gets Aid From Women
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 2

There is something new in town!  An organization with no dues and no officers.  It is the Women’s League of the Jewish Community Center.  Their purpose is to work, play and build together for their children and themselves.

On June 10th the group will hold its first get-together by spending an afternoon over Java-Cake-Cookies and enjoy an interesting program.  If you are affiliated with the Community Center or interested in any way plan to attend and learn, by meeting other volunteers, how you can serve and have fun both at the same time.  Telephone the Center for further details, AT-1-7744.

Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, May 14, 1954—Part I

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Compiled by Gail Umeham

Community Celebrates Anniversary of Israel
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 1

Saturday evening, May 15, the San Diego Zionist Council will spearhead the city-wide celebration of the sixth anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel.  Plans are complete for the celebration which will be held in the Synagogue of Tifereth Israel.  Festivities will start at 8:00 p.m. with Murray D. Goodrich serving as chairman for the evening.  Mr. Goodrich will be presented by the president of the Council, Mr. Fred Yaruss.

The outstanding program being prepared will be highlighted by a talk on Israeli current happenings by the world-famous military man Brig. Gen Eliahu Ben-Hur.

The musical portion of the program will feature Harold Zabrack.

To set the mood of the evening, Joan (Mrs. David) Schreibman will offer a medley of Yiddish folk songs accompanied by Edith (Mrs Seymour) Gates, a former music and voice teacher.

A Citizens Sponsoring Committee for this function includes many prominent San Diegans among whom are Mayor John Butler; Ewart W. Goodwin; John H. Ellsworth; Mrs. Mary Fay; Albert A. Hutler; Rev. Peter H. Samson; Mrs. Lenore Panunzio; Murray D. Goodrich; and others.

The affiliated organizations of the Council which are Hadassah; Masada; Pioneer Women; Pioneer Women Juniors; Poale Zion; and Zionist Organization of America are supplying the working committee for the evening.  Some of them are Mesdames Pauline Press; Jeanette Abrams; Rose Weitzman; Dora Richlin; Bertha Veitzer; Rose Brooker; Bess Borushek; Frances Strauss; and Mrs. Philip Abrams.

At the close of the program refreshments will be served in the banquet hall with Mesdames Roann Oglesby, Pearl Shulack, and Ruth Bobrof assisting the hostesses.

Graves To Visit San Diego
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 1

Richard Graves, Democratic candidate for Governor, will make a 3-day tour of San Diego on May 17,18, and 19th.  He will be accompanied by Ross T. McIntire, Democratic congressional candidate; “Pat” Brown, incumbent and candidate for reelection to the post of state Attorney-General; and George Johnson, who is running for State Treasurer.

High spot of the tour will be a rally at Carpenters Hall, 23rd and Broadway, on May 17th at 8 p.m.  At the gathering, the candidates will present their views on present problems.  During his San Diego visit Graves will make a number of radio and TV appearances.

200 UJF Workers Call On Community Sunday, May 16
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 1

Sunday, May 16th, a million people will be knocking on your door.

They will be represented by the “Magic Carpet” Day volunteers of San Diego in the one-day clean-up effort of the United Jewish Fund’s Combined Appeal.

Approximately 200 representative men and women will visit more than 1,000 Jewish homes all over the county this Sunday for what is expected to be the biggest “Magic Carpet” solicitation ever held by the Fund, according to Edward Baranov, chairman.

Teams to cover eighteen areas in the county have been set up under the direction of honorary colonels selected for their leadership in organizations and in the community.

One of the newest clubs in our community, “The New Life Club,” consisting of New Americans who have been helped to come to the United States through the monies raised by the United Jewish Fund, will provide leadership for the project under the direction of their president, Carl Friend.  They are taking responsibility for the downtown residential district solicitation.

The Labor Zionists and Pioneer Women will covert East San Diego led by Mrs. Joe Richlin, Mrs. Rose Brooker and Mrs. Louis Fromer.

Other colonels who will lead teams include Louis Jacobs, Hillcrest business man, who will be responsible for Golden Hills, Jack Spatz, downtown jeweler, Hillcrest and Mission Hills; Zel Camiel and Dave Stotsky, Fund Board members, East San Diego.

Sy Rich, president of the Tifereth Israel Men’s Club, will lead a group of his members in the solicitation of the Point Loma-Loma Portal area.

Ben Carnot, La Jolla laundry executive, will take responsibility for Mission Beach and Pacific Beach; Dr. Marco Meyer, Linda Vista.

Talmadge, College Park and Rolando will be headed by Herbert Reder and John Kluchin; Leon Heiman and Isaac L. Domnitz will take responsibility for Kensington.

In the outlying districts, Fred Yaruss will head up a team for La Mesa and El Cajon; and Mrs. And Mrs. Stanley Yukon are sharing responsibility for National City-Chula Vista.

Other colonels will be Edward Breier, Morris Douglas, Milton Fredman, Henry Price, William Schwartz, and Morris Sims.

Mrs. Victor Schulman, chairman of the Women’s Division, will lead a special committee to solicit contributions from women givers of previous years who, as yet, have not given.

A breakfast, prepared by the Jolly 16, beginning at 9 a.m. at the Jewish Community Center, will open “Magic Carpet” Day.  Work will begin, according to Baranov, at 9:45 a.m. and it is expected that at 10:30 all of the workers will spread out to cover the city.

Sol Price, general campaign chairman and his associate, Seymour Rabin, co-chairman, are urging all those who have not as yet contributed to the United Jewish Fund to stay at home on Sunday, May 16th, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. or until they are called upon so that they may have the opportunity to give their contribution to their neighbor on “Magic Carpet” Day.

JWV To Hold Annual Memorial Services
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 1

San Diego Post 185, Jewish War Veterans will participate in the Fort Rosecrans Memorial Day Service, May 30.  These services, which will be attended by hundreds of San Diegans, will begin at 10:30 a.m. at the Fort cemetery in Point Loma.  Veterans of Christian and Jewish faiths will have prayers offered up to their memory.  Rabbi Monroe Levens has accepted the invitation from the Memorial Day Committee to take part in the service.

The Post will also take part in the Water Service held yearly for those drowned at sea in defense of their country.  William Mintz will represent JWV by tossing a wreath out to sea.

Commander Buddy Samuels has announced that services will be held at Home of Peace Cemetery at 2 p.m., and the community is invited to join their fellow men in remembering the dead.

Lester Bise, Regional Vice Commander will speak at the May 19th meeting which will be held at the War Memorial Bldg.  “What JWV Means to the Jewish Community” will be his topic and the public is invited.

Yo-Ma-Cos Raise $700 For Jewish Center
Southwestern Jewish Press May 14, 1954 Page 1

The Yo-Ma-Co Club has just concluded a successful three day Rummage Sale, mainly through the efforts of chairman, Leon Solomon.  A check will be presented to the Jewish Community Center in the amount of over $700.00, within the next few days.  This money is for the purpose of paying off a bus used for the Children’s Summer Camp, and also for other Center expenses.

Mr. Leon Solomon wishes to thank all those people who donated rummage and to the Yo-Ma-Co members who helped make the sale a success.

The bowling tournament will take place, May 16, at 2:00 p.m. at the Balboa Golf Course.  Members may still sign up.  Prizes for high score.


Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, April 30, 1954—Part IV

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Compiled by Gail Umeham

J.W.V. Aux. News
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 6

Meetings have been changed for the San Diego Jewish War Veterans Auxiliary No. 185 to the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.

New officers are:  Pres. Theresa Furst; Senior V. P. Ruth Hecht;  Jr. V.P. , Sophie Silberman; Rec. Sec., Frances Price; Corr. Sec., Nixie Kern; Treas., Angie Landeau; Chaplain, Henrietta Cohen, Conductress, Myra Shoenthal.  Trustees:  Ann Schloss, Ann Juster, Freda Hollandesky, Pearl Herzig; Patriotic Instructress, Paula Simmons; Historian Fannie Krone.

California Dept. Junior Vice President Jean Spatz was outstanding as Installing Officer and was ably assisted by Installing Conductress Jennie Turner.

The next meeting will be held April 21 at the War Memorial Bldg.  All members are urged to attend.

Under the supervision of Hostess Esther Frank, the Service boys are invited to the Beth Israel Synagogue every 1st and 3rd Friday of every month and every 2nd and 4th Friday at the Tifereth Israel Synagogue.

There will be a Child Welfare party with an Easter motive at the Sunshine School, April 26th, under the supervision of Mollie Ratner.

Under the supervision of Calif. Dept. Jr. Vice Pres. Jean Spatz every 2nd Wednesday is devoted to our hospital party at Naval Hospital.

B’nai B’rith Girls
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 6

S. D. B’nai B’rith Girls will hold their annual installation and services at Tifereth Isrel synagogue Friday, April 30th, at 8:00 p.m.  Rabbi Levens and four members of BBG’s will conduct the service.  The girls will be honoring outgoing advisers, Mrs. Tepper and Mrs. L. Lassman, and the incoming advisers, Mrs. R. Aved and Mrs. M. Stefel.

The incoming officers are:  Historian, Debbie Strauss; Sentinel, Diane Fogelman; Conductress, Sharlene Soloman; Treasurer Roberta Wyloge; Recording Sec, Barbara Borner; Corresponding Sec., Ros Steffel; Vice Pres., Bev Gendleman; President, Leani Leichtag.

Yo-Ma-Co News
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 6

The Yo-Ma-Co Club is working feverishly collecting rummage for the coming sale, to be held the 6th, 7th and 8th of May.  The entire proceeds of this sale will go to the Jewish Community Center and will be used for the benefit of the children’s summer camp.  There is a bus to be paid for and many other expenses.

Anyone having usable articles of clothing, shoes, dishes, pots and pans, discarded furniture, toys, etc. please call either AT-4-2798 or AT-1-7744. Help us to help your children, and your community.

Cottage of Israel
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 6

We regret very much that the annual lawn program for the celebration of Israel’s Independence Day will not be held this year.  This is due to the fact that every Sunday in the month of May had already been reserved by other Cottages though we made our request as early as possible.

However, there will be a citywide celebration of the sixth anniversary on May 15th which will substitute for our lawn program.

The Cottage has already undergone the first of planned improvements for this year in having the walls repainted.  This is just the beginning of ambitious plans for renovating and remodeling the Cottage interior.

Mrs. Maurice Schaffer is now permanent hostess for our Sunday afternoon Open House.  She is assisted by another member of our hostess committee every Sunday but assumes complete responsibility for the serving under the supervision of Mrs. Anna Peckarsky, Hostess chairman.

City of Hope Auxiliary Mothers’ Day Luncheon
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 6

The Don Room of the El Cortez Hotel is the setting of the Annual City of Hope Auxiliary Mothers‘ Day Luncheon, Thursday, MNay 13 at 12 noon.

Mrs. Robert Siegel is chairman of this affair, assisted by Mrs. Bill Schusterman.  On the committee are Mmes. Jennie Siner, David Schwartz, Harry Douglas, Jake Schwartz, Zel Camiel, Jeremiah Aronoff, Past President, and Mrs. Elias Berwin, President.

Proceeds from City of Hope Auxiliary go to the free, non-profit, non-sectarian, National Medical Center at Duarte, California.  One of the latest developments at the City of Hope Medical Center is the opening of the Children’s Leukemia Wing, a facility unique in American medicine—combining bed, laboiratory and parent participation in the care and treatment of children suffering from leukemia and related diseases.

Junior Charity League Distributes Funds
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 6

The Junior Charity League held its regular meeting on April 12 at the home of Mrs. Marcel Brust.  Mrs. Brust and Mrs. Paul Nestor were hostesses.  The club voted to furnish a radio with ear phones to a patient at Vauclain Home.  They also voted to send a check to the United Jewish fund and to send a check to the Red Cross for their drive.  The league raised $326.99 at its Valentine Card Party in Feb., all of which was turned over to the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, which will spend it to buy much needed items for San Diego patients.

Next meeting will be at the home of Bebe Goldhammer, Frances Goldman, co-hostess.

Hadassah Sabbath At Temple Beth Israel
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 6

This Friday evening, April 30, will be observed as Hadassah Sabbath.  Members of San Diego Chapter of Hadassah, women’s Zionist organization, will attend and participate in the worship services.

Mrs. Sidney Goldhammer and Mrs. Albert Krasnow will speak on “Zionism in the Jewish Tradition.” Mrs. Robert Strauss, retiring president, will greet the Congregation.  Mrs. Harry Felson, newly elected president, will present the speakers.

The community is invited to attend the service, which begins at 8 p.m.

Yiddish Lovers Invited
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 6

Lovers of Jewish Literature are cordially invited to the home of Mrs. Rose Brooker, 4320 Campus Ave. on Monday, May 3, 8:00 p.m.  Shlomo Hochberg, Executive Director of YIVO, will talk on “Yiddish Literature in America for the Past 50 Years.”

Yiddish stage artist, Isaac Rothbloom, will give several recitations.  This program is sponsored by the local YIVO Committee.  All are cordially invited.

Zionist Council Plans Celebration of 6th Anniversary of State of Israel
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 6

San Diego Jewry is preparing to take part in the world-wide celebration of the sixth anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel.  Under the auspices of the Zionist council, plans are being formulated to celebrate the event on Saturday evening, May 11th in the Synagogue proper of Tifereth Israel.

Fred Yaruss, general chairman for the evening, has invited the participation of all San Diego organizations.  Acting as chairman of arrangements is Sid Posin, with Frances Strauss as program and entertainment chairman.

An outstanding program is arranged with the world famous Gen. Elishu Ben Hur as guest speaker.  A native of Russia, Gen. Ben Hur went to Israel with his family in 1922.  At the age of fifteen he joined the Haganah and served brilliantly for all the years of its existence.

As an official with the British Army during World War I, Gen Ben Hur saw service in the Western Desert and in Italy.  He is in the United States now studying Industrial Engineering.  Gen. Ben Hur will tell of some of his experiences and relate events and happenings now taking place in Israel.

Entertaining will be Harold Zabrack, distinguished pianist and Jean (Mrs. David) Schreibman, whose repertoire of Yiddish folk-songs is a welcome addition to the program.

Refreshments will be served at the close of the celebration which will begin at 8:00 p.m.

Hebrew Home Aux. Elects New Officers
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 6

Elected at the last meeting of the S.D. Hebrew Home for the Aged Auxiliary were the following:  Pres., Mrs. William Moss; V.P., Mrs. Alex Newman; 2nd V.P., Mrs. Paul Cudney; 3rd V.P., Mrs. Morris Fried; Rec. Sec., Mrs. S. Frank; Fin. Sec., Mrs. S. Waldman; Treas., Mrs. S. Goldstein; Aud., Mrs. R. Shapery; Parl., Sue Gruenberg.

New board members are Mesdames Edward Addleson, Nathan Rubin, Sue Gruenberg, J.L. Lerner, M. Greenberg, H. Rabinowitz, A. J. Bard, Nathan Bard, Joe Gibson, Paul Berkowitz, Tom Levin, Rod Horrow, Betty Cohen, P. Shapery, Bella Price. 

Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 6

Sol Goodman, aged 66, passed away on April 21.  He had been a resident of San Diego for 30 years and was a member of Tifereth Israel Synagogue, B’nai B’rith, Labor Zionist Organization, and Histadrut Council.  He was also one of the first incorporators of the United Jewish Fund of San Diego.Services were conducted on April 22 by Rabbi Monroe Levens and Cantor Joseph Cysner in the Lewis Colonial Mortuary.

Surviving are his wife, Bessie, two sons, Jack and Nathan, and two grandchildren.

We are sorry to hear of the death of Mrs. Pauline Coblentz mother of Mrs. Edgar Levi.


Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, April 30, 1954—Part II

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Compiled by Gail Umeham

Vet Opens Pharmacy
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 2

For the convenience of shoppers in the Mayfair Market, Maurice Cohen has announced the opening of an ethical prescription pharmacy in the North Park Mayfair Market Home Center.  The pharmacy will specialize in prescriptions, vitamins and biological.

Cohen, an East San Diego resident, is a licentiate in pharmacy.  A native of Southern California, he has had 25 years experience in the drug business.  He served 12 years in the U.S. Navy as a chief pharmacist and is a veteran of both World War II and the Korean conflict.

Lasker Lodge News
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 2
By Lou Levitt

The Spring membership drive is now under way according to Marshall Tucker, general chairman.  So far this year 19 new members have been signed up which is mighty good, but, never quite good enough.  Members are urged to bring as many friends as they can to the meetings so that we can get them interested in the workings of B’nai B’rith and get them signed up.

The Bowlers have decided upon a summer league, and all B’nai B’rith members, regardless of their lodge affiliation are invited to join.  Get in touch with Gerry Friedman.

Jack Spatz, chairman of the membership retention campaign is quite concerned with the members who haven’t as yet paid their 1954 dues and urges them to do so at once.

Lasker Lodge is going to offer their hand in the forthcoming Cotton Ball to be held May 30th.  This will be a joint affair with all B’nai B’rith lodges and chapters contributing to the success of the affair.

Temple Sisterhood Sets “ Cotton Pickin’  Time”
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 3

We gave you just a hint in the last issue of the Press—now Sarah Silverman and Sylvia Bickman, program chairmen, say to give you all the wonderful detils.  On Wed., May 26, Sisterhood will have its First Annual Donor Luncheon, for which San Diego’s newest department store will present “ Cotton Pickin’ Time”  their First Fashion Show in San Diego.
Molly Morse will be commentator, as our own members model the very newest in fashion, around the poolside at the Manor.

Ruth Smollar is Luncheon Chairman, and co-chairmen Jane Dreier and Francis Gordon promise a superb luncheon, which will be served in the Terrace Room.  Following the Luncheon and “ Cotton Pickin’ Time,” there will be a wonderful treat…more about that next time.

Remember the date, Wednesday, May 26, 11:45 a.m. at the Manor Hotel.  Attendance for the Luncheon and Fashion Show will be by reservations only so be sure to call the captains, Mona Sharpe, Atwater 4-8129 or Ethel Kolkey, Juniper 2-0527, early so you can be sure of being there.

Youth Awards To Be Made By B.B. Council
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 3

B’nai B’rith Coordinating Council announces that its annual “Youth of the Year” award to the outstanding student of each high school will tae place during the month of May.  This program is co-chaired by Ruth Brav and Reva Garvin who report that the acceptance of this program is on the increase.

The Council has purchased a colored print of the “Toymakers” issued by the Anti-Defamation League to be placed in use at the film depository at the San Diego State College.

The Council announces that its annual spring dance and card party will be held at the Beth Jacob Center on Sunday, May 30.  The Committee comprised of Harry Wax, Jack Lowenbein Robert Cohen, Audrey Sack, and Ruth Brav, promise that the dance will be a greater success than last year and the outstanding orchestra has already been hired.  The proceeds from this party are used by the Council for the Armed Services and Youth Programs of B’nai B’rith in this community.

A tentative announcement is made that B’nai B’rith will reinstate its annual picnic for the community on Sunday, August 29, at Big Oak Ranch.  The committee, comprised of Jack Lowenbein, Stanley Yukon, Morrie Kraus, and Joe Kaplan are endeavoring to make this one of the outstanding events of the year.

Home For Aged Group Plans For Luncheon
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 3

The Hebrew Home for the Aged will hold their ninth annual Donor luncheon Wednesday, May t, at 12:30 p.m.  Theme of the luncheon will be the planning of programs to keep aged hands busy and minds alert.  Many handicraft articles will be shown.  Mrs. Harry Wax, general chairman of the Women’s Auxiliary, will present a very entertaining program including a violin solo by Mr. B. Fishman, noted San Diego violinist and small fry, Mike Williams, San Diego’s newest television star on Monty Hall’s Tiny Town Program known to our community as Michael Schwartz, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Schwartz.  He will do his famous “It’s in the Book” skit.  Mrs. Alex Cohen and her committee, together with Mrs. Paul Cudney, will do the decorations.  Guests of the home will be invited.

Beth Israel Family Sabbath May 7th
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 3

Temple Beth Israel’s last Family Worship Sabbath of the Temple year will be held next Friday, May 7th, at 8:00 p.m.  All Religious School children whose birthdays occur in May, June and July will be called to the Altar for the Rabbi’s blessing.

The Children’s choir, under the direction of Cantor Miller, will participate in the service.  Linda Zuckerman and Fred Goodman of the Confirmation Class will read the Candle-lighting and Kiddush services, respectively.

Rabbi Morton J. Cohn will continue his series of story-sermons based on the lives of great American Jews, in observance of the American Jewish tercentenary.

All children and their parents are urged to attend this lovely service.  “The family that prays together stays together.”

B.J. Sisterhood Gives Old-Time Melodrama
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 3

“Ah hah, me proud beauty!  You are in my power.”
“Save me!  Save me!”
“Unhand her, you villain.”
“Curses!  Foiled again!”

The play’s the thing!  And the play to see is the Beth Jacob Sisterhood’s presentation of a melodrama entitled “The Villain Still Pursues Her” starring Ann Elvove, as the Mother, Esther Brisker, as the Daughter, and Phil Mollick, as the Villain.

This show will have everything!  Melodrama, black-out skits, can-can girls, singing waiters, and even a men’s ballet.
And while you are watching all this wonderful entertainment, you can enjoy pretzels and beer, sandwiches and drinks.
The Sisterhood Gay Nineties Revue and Cabaret Nite will be presented Saturday, May 22 and Sunday, May 23, 8:15 at the Beth Jacob Center, donation–$1.  Tickets are now available.  Contact any member of the Sisterhood or the Congregation office.

And if you want to get in on the act by helping with costuming or props contact chairman Alice Solomon, AT-4-2798.  The cast meets every Monday night.

So mark those dates on your calendar—May 22 and May 23, for an evening of fun and sparkling entertainment.  After the revue there will be dancing to make the evening complete. 


Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, April 30, 1954

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Compiled by Gail Umeham

Sunday, May 16 Chosen For ‘Magic Carpet’ Day Drive
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 1

As the United Jewish Fund’s Combined Appeal continued to move forward, chairman Sol Price and co-chairman Seymour Rabin announced the appointment of Edward Baranov to lead “Magic Carpet Day.”

The one-day solicitation, in which over 200 volunteer workers will “knock on the door” of the home of every Jewish family in the community who has not contributed to the United Jewish Fund campaign, will take place on Sunday, May 16, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. according to the announcement from the chairman.

Mr. Baranov, local certified public accountant and active worker in many Jewish community activities, will appoint captains for the fourteen district areas to be covered in this phase of the campaign.

Baranov, a member of the boards of the Jewish Community Center, the Cancer Society, March of Dimes and Tifereth Israel Synagogue, indicated that the same organizational setup and pattern used in the past Magic Carpet Day campaigns will be continued this year.

Volunteer workers will be needed for “Magic Carpet” Day and all those who can work on Sunday, May 16, are urged to contact the Fund office at BE-2-5172 or Edward Baranov, chairman, at BE-2-3084.

Christian Comm. At 65% of U.J.A. Drive
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 1

The Christian Committee of the United Jewish Fund campaign, under leadership of O.W. Todd Jr., chairman, continues to spur on all workers in the ’54 drive.  Outstanding gifts received from leading citizens of the San Diego community, including a $1,250 contribution from the Con-Trib Club of Convair employees, brought the committee’s work to over 65 percent of its goal in the first two weeks of the campaign.  Other outstanding contributions to date were received from the Union-Tribune Publishing Company, C.W. Carlstrom, a co-chairman of the committee, and Philip Gildred, leader of the government bond drive in San Diego County.

Hadassah Pacific Coast Conference To Open May 9
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 1

Hadassah is going all out to welcome the delegates and their families of the Regional Conference.  Many special plans are being made for the comfort and pleasure of all attending.

Hadassah’s Ninth Annual Southern Pacific Coast Regional Conference slated to start on May 9th and run through May 12th at Hotel del Coronado, will be more exciting than ever.  This Region has been chosen to present the Henrietta Szold award to Eddie Cantor for his outstanding devotion and service to Youth Aliyah.  He has helped to raise millions of dollars for this project.

Mr. Jack Benny will be there too to make the presentation, so if you want to be present at this outstanding event, come to the opening banquet which is open to all interested San Diegans at a charge of $6.00 per person.  Mrs. Fred Leonard at Congress 4-4524 is Banquet Reservations Chairman and reservations must be in to her accompanied by a check no later than May 3rd.

Mrs. Mortimer Jacobson of the Bronx, New York, one of the most popular and widely-traveled speakers for Hadassah, will act as Mentor for the Conference and will thrill Hadassah’s audiences when she speaks on two separate occasions during the Conference.

Mrs. Louis Steinman is local conference chairman and is being assisted by Mmes. David Block, Gabriel Berg, Harry Snyder, Harry Felson, Fred Leonard, Edward Addleson, Al Slayen, George Wixen, David Horowitz, Sam Sosna, Alfred Bobrof, R. M. Lieberman, Leonard Zlotoff, Edward Kitaen, M. S. Berlin, Sigmund Stein, Stanley Stirling, Anna Peckarsky, Morton Thaler, John Ruskin, Maxwell Kaufman, Hyman Kitaen, Sidney Chemnick, Al Krasnow, Jack Gross, Victor Schulman, Rodin Horrow, Max Rabinowitz, Wm Podoloff, Edward Binder, Jack Rosenblum, Murray Samuels, Alfred Solomon.

Editorial Page
Southwestern Jewish Press April 30, 1954 Page 2

“Green Light”
This is an excellent time to talk about fund raising—all kinds of fund raising.  The U.J.A. drive going on now should have the undivided attention of all Jews in this community.  “Make Way for the U.J.A.” is no mere catchword slogan.  It has meaning and validity.

Last week we received two pieces of literature in the mail, both local, asking for funds.  Our only reaction was annoyance—so we threw both in the waste paper basket.  At another time we might have given serious thought to both pleas.

Why hasn’t the Federation or the President’s Council set up rules and regulations regarding fund raising in this community.  We are sure they have the power and authority to do so.  Let’s stop this cut-throat business and keep in mind that the Annual Combined Jewish Appeal of San Diego deserves the “Green Light” at this time each year.

The many people who received the literature of the American Council for Judaism in the mail must have been puzzles as we were about the timing of such a campaign.

We can have no objection to the Council sending out propaganda to try and convert people to their particular point of view—BUT the Council surely must have known that the annual United Jewish Appeal Campaign was now in progress in our Community, as it is in many cities across the land.

What purpose can be served by confusing the people on issues which are not very clearly understood by many of us?  We, for example, are in agreement on some of the arguments urged by the Council but we DO NOT think that this is the time to start a discussion on Zionism, non-Zionism, or anti-Zionism.

The Council admits that Israel needs help and they are willing that such help be given.  The Council must also be aware that the Campaign seeks to raise funds also for National Organizations and for local needs.  Then why should they try to pull down the whole house in order to correct the defect!

In our humble opinion the Council has done itself and the Jewish Community of San Diego a disservice by injecting a Zionist issue during the drive for funds.  Those in need, in Israel, Europe and elsewhere who depend on our contributions to sustain life, heal the sick, and build new lives, will not thank the Council for this “stab in the back.”


Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, April 18, 1954, Part VI

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Compiled by Gail Umeham

Yo-Ma-Co News
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 19

The talk on “Psychology and You” given by Larry Solomon at the last meeting proved both interesting and stimulating.  A question an answer period followed.

The winners of the one night bowling tournament held at Cedar Lanes were as follows:  High score for women was won by Edie Gelman, first; and Fannette Steckel, second.  High score for the men was won by Norman Gelman and Joe Kitaen, second.

The rummage sale for the benefit of the Jewish Community Center is slated for May 6th, 7th, and 8th.  All members are urged to support this sale by saving and turning in usable articles of clothing, shoes, torn hose (these are used for making rugs) odds and ends of dishes, pots, furniture…anything.  Clean out your shelves, closets and garages!!!  Call Leon Solomon, chairman, at At-4-2798 or At-1-7744.  We need rummage!!

Birdie Stodel Holds 26th Installation
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 19

The San Diego Birdie Stodel Chapter of B’nai B’rith Women will hold its 26th Installation of Officers on Thursday, April 29.  Mrs. Irving L. Wieder of Sherman Oaks, Vice President of the Southern Conference and member of the District Executive Board, Will be installing officer. She will be assisted by Reva Garvin, member of the District Executive Board.

Officers to be installed are Kay Kraus, Pres.; Doris Borenstein, 1st. V.P.; Fran Steffel, 2nd V.P.; Ann Rivers, 3rd V.P.; Jackie Lassman, Treas.; Jeanne Camiel, Rec. Sec.; Bernice Aved, Fin. Sec.; Thelma Weiss, Counsellor; Ruth Brav and Lillian Berwin, Sentinel and Guard.  Trustees are Ann Addleson, Jennie Bloomfield, Edith Bennett, Bertha Friedman, Betty Freedman, Leah Shapov, and Goldie Schusterman.

The program will feature Mitzie Steiner of TV and Radio.  Mrs. M. Binnard, life member, and second president of the local chapter, will be presented with the President’s bouquet.

Chairman of the installation is Doris Borenstein, assisted by Msds. David Starr, Ted Brav, William Penn, and Morrie Wax.

Brandeis U. Women Install 1st Officers
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 19

The San Diego Chapter of the Women’s Committee of Brandeis University will hold its first Installation Tea on Monday, May 3, at 1:30 p.m.  in the club room of the Beth Jacob Synagogue.  Mrs. Samuel Moss, a national officer, will install the officers and tell the story of women and their work for Brandeis University, the only Jewish sponsored school of higher, non-sectarian learning in America.

Sara Goodrich, president pro tem, will present Mrs. Moss.  New officers to be installed are:  Julia Stinman, Pres.; Joyce Gerelick, 1st V.P.; Grace Rittoff, 2nd V.P.; Ruth Kwint, 3rd V.P.; Elizabeth Weiss, Fin. Sec.; Loris Cohn, Sec.; {and} Betty Wohl.

Members of the Board are Roanne Oglesby, Ruth Aronoff, Ida Nasatir, Ruth Newman, Marie Berg, Sara Goodrich, Kay Kraus, and Audrey Sack.

All San Diego women are invited to attend.

Passover Seder At Beth Israel
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 19

Congregation Beth Israel will usher in the Passover Festival with worship service in the Temple Saturday evening at 6:00 p.m.  Starting at 6:30 the congregation will attend the Seder service and dinner in the Temple Center.  Rabbi Morton J. Cohn will conduct the Seder and the Temple choir, under the direction of Julian Miller, will sing the traditional melodies.

Special guests of the Temple will be Rear Admiral Thornton C. Miller, District Chaplain, and 50 servicemen of the Jewish faith.  The Seder dinner was prepared under the direction of the Temple Sisterhood and Mrs. Mack Esterson, president.

Breitbard Given Award By JWV
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 19

Edward A. Breitbard was awarded the Americanism and Patriotism Medal by outgoings Commander  Stanley  S. Yukon for his years of community work, his association with the Breitbard Foundation, and services for the welfare of veterans and service men stationed in the San Diego area.  Past Commander Ralph J. Feldman received the award on behalf of Mr. Breitbard who was unable to attend the installation of officers April 5th.

National Commander Watts of the Disabled American Veterans was the guest speaker and representatives from the American Legion, VFW, Gold Star Mothers, Fleet Reserve, Purple Heart and many Jewish organizations were present.  Past Department Commander Harry Apelman installed Louis Samuels, Post Commander of 185, and Jr. Vice President of the Department Jean Spatz installed Theresa Furst as President of the Auxiliary.

Post 185 also announced that hereafter they will meet the first and third Wednesdays of the month at the War Memorial Bldg., Balboa Park.

AAUN Plans Series To Answer Questions
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 19

American Association for the United Nations, San Diego chapter, has arranged a series of monthly evening meetings open to the public, according to Henry Wood Shelton, president.  The first of these will be held Monday, April 19, at 8:00 p.m. in the Lounge Room of the House of Hospitality in Balboa Park.  The title of the series, “People Want To Know.”

“So many excellent questions came from the audience during Mrs. Roosevelt’s address in Russ Auditorium April 3,” Mr. Shelton states, “that we felt further discussion would be welcomed.  Even though we do not have Mrs. Roosevelt here to answer them, we are arranging panels of experts to do so with audience participation invited.  We will use those questions which she did not have time to answer.  They promise a series of stimulating and informative programs.”

Next Monday’s panel will include:  Miss Anna Mansfield Clark, answer questions on U.N. agencies, Mr. Harry Horton, attorney, answering criticisms of U.N.  there is no admission charge and no offering taken.


Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, April 16, 1954, Part V

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Compiled by Gail Umeham

First Lady Likes Jolly 16 Cook Book
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 18

The following letter was received by the Jolly 16.  Mrs. Eisenhower’s own Treasured Recipe is on Page 11 of the Cook Book.

“Mrs. Eisenhower has asked me to thank you for your kindness in sending her a copy of “Treasured Recipes,” compiled by the members of the Jolly Sixteen.  The recipes sound so delicious—and I know the First Lady will be anxious to try many of them.

Please express Mrs. Eisenhower’s appreciation to your ladies for this very sweet and friendly thought of her.
With kindest wishes.  Sincerely, Mary Jane McCaffree, Secretary.”

If you wish a copy of the cook book phone Mary Kantor, BE-4-5318 or any member of the J-16.

Camp Sets April 25 As Get-Together Day
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 18

Camp Whispering Pines has set Sunday, April 25 for a camper’s get-together at the camp in Julian.  Campers are urged to come early and bring their own lunch.  A program of games, sports, and singing will highlight the day’s activities.  Parents are invited too.

This will be an opportunity for former campers and new campers to meet their counselors.  Mr. Wayne Fry, camp director, has announced the following staff for the eight week period.  Bill Murphy, former Y leader and youth director, now teaching at the Euclid School; Leah Crawford, teacher at Alice Birney School; Ivor Petersen, athletic coach at Vocational School and former baseball star and horseman.  Back this year also will be Mike Soule, nature and science counselor; and Harvey Goodfriend, “the camper’s friend.” Grace Brooks and Mrs. Mary Dorn are Registered Nurses with the City Schools and will serve in that capacity.  An outstanding cook and assistant has been obtained to provide excellent meals.  Of course, Al Hutler and Mack Kaufman will be up there, as usual.

Don’t forget the date for the Camp Reunion on Sunday, April 25.  See you there!

Lasker Lodge News
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 18
By Lou Levitt

Thanks to Harry Zall and his committee of Bob Breitbard, Ralph Feldman, Jack Lowenbein and Lou Levitt, the outcome of the annual Father and Childs night was a big success.  James J. McNamara was very liberal with his excellent talent line-up and the members enjoyed the show as well as the kids.

A step in the right direction is being taken at the April 26th meeting of the lodge.  An all BB Bowling League is being formed that night, and all interested bowlers are urged to be there.  Any paid-up B’nai B’rith bowler regardless of the lodge he belongs to is eligible to bowl in this league.

Jewish Center News
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 18

Community Choral Group
Wanted!  One good monotone!  You’ve got a voice (maybe not a Caruso or Pons).  Join the Community Choral Group and sing your way to a pleasant Wednesday evening.  Time is 8:00 p.m.  Other informal activities are bridge, pool, ping pong and kibitzing.

Ping Pong and Chess Tournament
O.K., you ping pong enthusiasts and Chess wizards, here is your chance!  Bit tournament starting Tuesday night, April 29.  Fun for all, prizes for winners.  The tournament will be each night by age group.

Junior High Activities
The ball room dancing class for Junior High age has room for more.  Come down on Monday evening, April 19th.
Junior high school age?  The Center is open for you on Sunday afternoon, from 2:00 to 5:00.  Dancing, ping pong, games.

Day Camp
Parents, register early for the day camp, and take advantage of the discount.  All registrants should sign up before June 15th.

Leadership Training
What, when and how does a leader help the group accomplish the things it wishes to do.  Attend the leadership classes starting Wednesday evening, May 5th and learn the answers to these and other pertinent questions.

Point Loma Extension
Open House, Friday, April 23, 2:30 p.m. at the Portuguese Hall, 2818 Addison.  All participants are invited, and bring friends.  The ballet dance class and arts and crafts class are open for additional enrollment.

Community Invited To Third Seder
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 18

The community is cordially invited to attend and participate in the Second annual third Seder sponsored by the Ben Zvi Young Adult Branch, LZOA.  Planned for Sunday, April 25, at 7:00 p.m., the Seder will be held at Beth Jacob Synagogue.

Honored guest, and leading the Seder will be Rabbi Yosef Miller, regional director of LZOA.  Consisting of a traditional Seder, with musical entertainment, group singing and dancing, the cultural ties between Israel and American Jewry will be stressed.  Traditional foods and refreshments will be served.  For reservations, call M. Richlin at AT-4-3028, or V. Weissman, CY-6-0583.  The donation at the door will be used in enlarging the activities of the group.

Bay City B’nai B’rith Holds Installation
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 19

Installation of the new officers for the Bay City B’nai B’rith Women will take place Sunday, April 25, at 8:00 p.m. at the El Morocco, Euclid and Federal Sts.  A no-host dinner preceding the installation ceremonies will be served at 6:00 o’clock.

Mrs. Max Felsman, general chairman, announces that Mrs. Adolf Kadesh, Past Grand President of District No. 4 will be the installing officer assisted by Mrs. Harold Garvin.
Participating in the evening’s program are Harry Wax, San Diego Lasker Lodge, David Schloss, Samuel I. Fox Lodge and Mrs. Sam Weiss, birdie Stodel Chapter.

Officers to be installed are as follows:  Mrs. Jack Meyers, pres.; Mrs. Max Felsman, 1st v.p.; Mrs. Abe Hollandersky, 2nd v.p.; Mrs. Ralph Schwartz, 3rd v.p.; Mrs. Marco Thorne, rec. sec.; Mrs. Wilfred Robbins, corr. Sec.; Mrs. Ted Schiller, fin. sec.; Mrs. David Cohen, treas., Mrs. Eugene Sacks, guardian; Msds. David Schloss, Harold Garvin, Samuel Weening, Jack Norr, David Sugerman, Sam Cohen, Charles Juster,trustees; and Mrs. Sanford Sack, Counselor.
Immediately following the installation there will be dancing to the music of the Melody Aces and a most cordial invitation is extended to all to attend.


“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, April 16, 1954, Part III

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Compiled by Gail Umeham

Editorial Page
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 4

Refugees Show The Way
The New Life Club of San Diego is only 5 months old.  Its members are “new Americans”—displaced Jewish persons who have emigrated to the United States in the last 10 years.  Most of its members have suffered great personal tragedy in their lives.  Years in concentration camps, brutal losses of members of the family—these are but a few of the unpleasant memories most of these people share.

More than any other factor, one organization has helped these people from the dark days in Europe.  The organization is the United Jewish Appeal and the Émigré Committee of the United Jewish Fund, which is now conducting its annual drive for proceeds through the Combined Jewish Appeal of San Diego.  The members of San Diego’s New Life Club will always remember the life-building program of the United Jewish Fund—that helped feed, clothe, shelter and assist them in starting their new life.

At their last meeting, the thankful people who make up the New Life Club, all of whom were helped themselves even as recently as last year, unanimously agreed to the golden rule principle.  Besides their individual contributions, the New Life Club is giving fifty dollars to the United Jewish Fund of San Diego, so some unfortunate refugees may be able to start a new life as they have done.

Passover and Easter
The annual festival of Passover, which we begin to observe on April 18, marks history’s first rebellion against human slavery.

As we commemorate the brave stand which the Israelites, under the leadership of Moses, took against Pharaoh three millennia ago, we are seized by a sense of gratitude to God for having planted within us the impulse to toil for human freedom.  Even as we rejoice, however, we are aware that in every age there are tyrants and tyrannical regimes which seek to deny liberty to others.  Against these forces it is our duty to do battle until all men are liberated from bondage and error. 

We who are affiliated with religious organizations are especially obligated to hearken to the Passover message, so stirringly conveyed in prayers and hymns in our temples and at our festive board.  Our holiday cheer will be mingles with the determination to do our share to free the victims of totalitarianism, of demagoguery, of feudalism within our nation and throughout the world.

This year the first day of Passover coincides with Easter Sunday.  We pray that the conjunction of these two sacred seasons will strengthen the bond between Judaism and Christianity.  Respecting our differences, may we yet together rededicate ourselves to the Passover mission of removing the shackles of slavery, misery, and hunger from the world’s downtrodden and to the Easter task of revitalizing the spirit of holiness among all the children of men.

Sisterhood Presents Regional Dir. Apr. 28
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 4

The next Luncheon and Meeting of Temple Beth Israel Sisterhood will be Wednesday, April 28, at 11:45 at the Temple Center.

Sisterhood is happy to be able to be the first to bring a notable speaker, Rabbi Isiah Zeldin who will have as his subject “Freedom of the Pulpit.” Rabbi Zeldin, Director of the West Coast Region of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and Dean of the Los Angeles College of Jewish Studies is well known from coast to coast as an able, interesting and provocative speaker.  There will also be a fine musical program.

Election of officers will be followed by the luncheon for which Jane Drexler and Francis Gordon are co-chairmen, and Mrs. Paul Merkowitz and Charlotte Haas are captains.  Make your reservations early by calling Charlotte Haas—CYpress 5-2040  or Mrs. Paul Merkowitz, CYpress 6-1368.

Fund Warns of Israel’s Danger and Let-Down on Local Needs
Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 9-10

In view of the present turmoil in the Arab-Jewish situation, Fund authorities relate that it is imperative to exceed San Diego’s 1953 contributions by 20 percent.  Problems arising from the uncertain condition of Jews behind the Iron Curtain, coupled with the daily tension in the news from the Middle East make a simple fact obvious.   Namely, Israel must become a stable nation—without delay.  Its people must be properly housed.  There must be employment available for the many newcomers, as well as those who have already found a refuge there.  The most basic needs of humanity must be supplied to those people.  Donations to the Fund can do this in the most expedient manner.

Fund administrators bring attention to a true, but disconcerting situation—many Jews lose sight of the needs of domestic agencies supported by Jewish Fund proceeds.  The care of the aged, for example, is a duty that must be met, day in and day out. The organization handling this task can easily escape attention, except to those immediately concerned.  Their work does not have the news valuye of a border skirmish in Israel, hence general knowledge of the important work done by the Home for the Aged is often limited to a small segment of local Jewry.

The majority of social services agencies participating in the Fund, operate in a quiet unpublicized way.  A let-down in donations results in either limitations placed on their efficiency, or curtailment of their services.  Rising operating costs and the battle against deficits call for more dollars to enable institutions offering life-saving and life-building programs, a continuity of operations, The City of Hope and the Leo N. Levi Memorial Hospitals can ill afford restrictions on research, care or standards.  Generous contributions to the United Jewish Fund Drive will continue to keep these hospitals outstanding as medical centers.

Contributions to the United Jewish Fund of San Diego may be mailed to their offices, 333 Plaza, San Diego 1, Calif.  The Fund Drive aids 42 separate agencies, both here and abroad.  Louis Moorsteen is the San Diego Fund president and Albert A. Hutler, Executive Director.


“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, April 16, 1954, Part II

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Compiled by Gail Umeham

Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 2

New Pi Lam
Bernie Asner, a student at the University of Oklahoma, was among the twelve young men who were recently initiated into Pi Lambda Phi fraternity on that campus.

Short Trip, Long Trip
Mrs. Leonard Linn spent a few days in Los Angeles last week visiting former San Diegans, Esther and Paul Sommers, prior to the Sommers  leaving for a four month European jaunt.

It will be a happy Passover for Mrs. Rosalie Sonnabaum who left Tuesday for Pensacola, Fla. to spend the holidays with her daughter, Muriel and her family.

House and Gardens
The new home being built for Mr. and Mrs. Max Rabinowitz in Mission Hills is creating a great deal of interest.  Designed by Lloyd Ruocco, the house has been described as a “garden residence.” Considering Max’s interest in and talent for horticulture the appellation is appropriate.

Contest Winners
Alice Aufricht and Connie Rosenberg, S.D. High School students, were top winners in the City Schools division of the annual high school essay contest on the United Nations sponsored by the AAUN. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt presented the awards during the AAUN program April 3.

It was “bottoms-up and cheers”when Jean Bas, Esther Moorstreen, Estelle Rottman and Julie Kaufman discovered that they shared the sdame birthdays, while on Murietta’s sundeck.

Wedding Guests
Attending the wedding of Marilyn Weisser and Calvin Leidner, Sunday, March 28 in San Bernardino were Mr. and Mrs. Zel Camiel, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Prewss, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Press, Mrs. Paul Nestor, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Smith, Millie Berman, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kaye, Mr. and Mrs., Harry Weitzman and daughters, Sonya and Esther.  The ceremony was performed by Rabbi Norman Feldheym.

Brother’s Reunion
Zel Camiel has a whole month to talk over the last twenty years with his brother, Wolf whom he hasn’t seen in that length of time.  Wolf and his 11 year old daughter, Miriam arrived from La Ceiba, Honduras last weekend.
It’s also a reunion for Miriam and her brother, Jackie, who has been making his home with zel and Jeanne for the past ficve years.  Wolf returns to La Ceiba at the end of a month, but Miriam will live with her uncle Abe Camiel in Los Angeles.

Returns Home
Friends of Mrs. Alvin Garber will be glad to learn that she has returned with Mr. Garber from Rochester, Minn., and is recuperating at their new address 3280 Wightman.  En route home they visited with their daughter, Mrs. Jan Bocaner in Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Mrs. Garber wishes to thank her friends for their kindnesses and asks them to call.

“Getting acquainted” with her relatives and making friends in San Diego is Bernice Gershon, of New York City.  Bernice and Phil Gershon are enjoying an extended honeymoon, six weeks of which will be spent in San Diego.  Phil is the brother of Mrs. Mary Kanto and Mrs. Harry Sugarman of San Diego.

A trip to the Grand Canyon is highly recommended by Dora Friedman, Mrs. Leonard Drogin and children Carol and Steve.  The have just returned from a week’s vacation.

Frequent visitors to Molly Simon are daughters Rose Cohen of L.A., Sylvia Greenberg of Detroit and sister, Fan Raphael of Chicago.  Friends are glad to see Molly up and around again after her long illness.

Relaxation was the order of the day at Borrego Palms Resort.  Among the San Diegans seen enjoying themselves were the Milton Effrons, Mr. and Mrs, Geo. Martin and family, Jennie Drogin, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Warner, and the Maxwell Kaufmans.

Estner Moorsteen, who was sure that everyone in San Diego had seen her films of Israel, recently received an invitation to show them for a very large group at the First Presbyterian Church.  Following the showing Esther was thrilled by the many comments indicating that her viewers now understood more clearly Israeli problems.

Fraternity Convention
The Zeta Beta Tau Regional Convention for Leadership School, held at the University of California at Berkeley, April 9, 10, 11 had groups attending from U.S.C., I.C.L.A, Arizona, University of Washington, and an Diego State College.
Delegates from the local Z.B.T. Chapter were Allan Mishne, president; Noel Fishman, secretary; Don Solomon, treasurer; Stan Friedman, Mike Freilander, Joel Barries, and Joel Goldfus.

Southwestern Jewish Press April 16, 1954 Page 2

The Leonard Slaters’(Betty Lou Moorsteen) first child, Amy, born March 19, was welcomed from coast to coast.  Father Leonard received a telegram from Ray Bolger in New York saying, “Well, where’s Charley?” followed by one to young 7½ lb. Amy with the message, “Once in love with Amy, always I love with Amy”—a quote from the song Ray has made famous.Those sentiments were surely repeated by grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Louis Moorsteen and Mr. and Mrs. Max Slater of New York City.

At the great age of one day, photographs were taken of Amy and her mother to appear in “Living” Magazine, of which Betty is West Coast Editor.  That’s the way to start on the road to being a cover girl. Esther and Lou will travel to Hollywood to spend Passover with their new granddaughter and the Max Slaters are expected out later in the Spring.

Grandson Mathew thoughtfully waited for Grandma Steinman to get to the Cedar Maternity Hoospital in Los Angeles before making his grand entrance into this world. Mathew, first child of Joan and Dr. Robert F. Kaplan was born on April 6th and weighed 7 lbs., 12½ ozs.

Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Louis Steinman of San Diego; paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kaplan, of Norfolk, Va.  Great grandmother is Mrs. Bessie Silverman.  The Bris was held in Los Angeles on April 13th.

A baby siren, with long lashes, has arrived at the home of Roberta and Morrie Naiman.  Phyllis Anne—weighing 6 lbs., 10 oz.—was born on April 5th.  Brothers Randy and Michael like the idea of a sister around the house.  Maternal grandmother is Mary Kantor and Paternal grandmother is Edith Naiman.


“Adventures in Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our indexed “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.

Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, April 2, 1954, Part IV

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Compiled by Gail Umeham

B’nai  B’rith Girls
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 6

B’nai B’rith Girls are meeting at the Jewish Community Center, every Thursday night, from 7:00 to 8:00, during the month of March.  They will plan discussions and activities for the near future.  Any girls interested in fun and fellowship are asked to come to the meetings and help make the chapter a good one.

Double Talk
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 6
by Janet & Susan Solof

Worried about the grades on your report card?
Nervous about what they’ll say?
Open those books and study hard,
And hope for the best on “judgement “ day.

Captain Jet had nothing on Stevie Harrow as he celebrated his 5th birthday in Space Patrol fashion.  Other Space Patrolers were Roger Lowitz, Danny Harrow, Johnnie Carter, Jill and Dennis Brown, Jerry Krasnow, David Cohen, Leslie Jo Burnett, Judy Karp, David Gordon, Barry Levenson, and Paul Levine.  The kids really had a wonderful time.  Loads of Happy Birthdays, Stevie.

Celebrating the wonderful age of 16 was Harriet Silverman.  Helping make the age get going were Jan  Klaskin, Maxine Schoenkopf, Adrian Sachnoff, Joan Breitbard, Nancy Silverman, and many others.  A lovely luncheon was enjoyed and a toast was given for a happy year ahead for Harriet.

Seen Around Town…
Sharlene Stone, Herb Wenig, Faggie Krasner, Don Kobernick, Janet Solof, Steve Kerschtel, Rockie Goodrich, Shirley Kaufman, Gordon Levitt, Jane Cohn, Lelani Liechtag, Irwin Schotzman, Stan Camiel, Judy Aved and Jerry Schultz at Hilltop Big Top at San Diego High School.

At Hoover High’s dance “ Night Life” Susan Solof, Sonny Stern, Helene Kaufman, David Levens, Darreld Kitaen, Janice Tappen, Larry Prager, and Brenda Heiman.

Dancing at “ El Pacifico Room” Lucy Recht ‘n Dan Weinberg, Janet Solof ‘n Steve Kerstel, Linda Douglas ‘n Noel Fishman, Susan Solof ‘n Joe Winiki.

Congratulations to Lawrence Schiller who is one of the four San Diego representatives in the Lions International Speech Contest on “ What the Constitution means to me.”

Hear something interesting   or really fine.
Don’t keep it secret, can CY-5-0679.

Sisterhood Plans Passover Program
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 6

The next regular luncheon meeting of Tifereth Israel Sisterhood will take place on April 13th, 12 noon, at Tifereth Israel Center.  An interesting Passover program has been arranged, with a social afternoon to follow.  Guests are invited to bring cards and mah jong sets.  Mrs. Irving Goodman is captain, with Mrs. B. Rubin as co-captain.
Mrs. Sidney Newman, chairman of the nominating committee, will present her slate of officers for three coming year.  Additional nominations may be presented by petition fifteen days before the election meeting which takes place in May, after being duly signed by two members and bearing the signature of the nominee.  For reservations, please call AT 4-5255 or AT 4-2198.

Pi Alpha Lambda Has Mothers’ Club
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 6

The Mother’s Club of Pi Alpha Lambda, sorority of Jewish girls on San Diego State College campus, are having a luncheon card party Thursday, April 8, 12:00 noon at the home of Celia Schwartz, 4068 Center St.  Proceeds will go to the sorority house when they become national.  Please call for reservations at CY-6-0217 and AT-2-2629.

Local Seaman Is Honored
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 6

Richard Cramer, Seaman Recruit, US Naval Training Center, was awarded the American Spirit Honor medal on Saturday, March 20, it was made known by Henry Weinberger, chairman of the USO National Jewish Welfare Board Armed Services Committee.

The award sponsored by the Citizens Committee of the Army, Navy and Air Force, is presented to one member of the recruit graduating classes from all of the armed services for leadership, achievement, sportsmanship, military bearing, initiative, response to orders (highest qualifications of a good shipmate) and application to recruit training. 
Seaman Recruit Cramer, son of Mrs. Rose Cramer, 1376 Biarritz Dr., Normandy Isle, Miami Beach, Florida, has been a regular attendant of all religious and cultural programs sponsored by USO-JB during his eleven weeks of recruit training, Mr. Weinberger said.

Give More in 1954
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 6

This is pretty early in the campaign to begin stories of people who make the work that volunteers do worthwhile.  However, Bill Colt, one of the advance workers of the Fund, is walking on air after getting a $300 contribution from a retired Navy man living at the YMCA.  This is a substantial increase over his gift of 1953.  Colt says that this is the kind of thing that makes him want to keep working on the Drive because it shows that there are people who truly give from a generous heart to help others who need their assistance.  “If the same spirit were evidenced by everyone in the community,” Colt says, “there would be no trouble in reaching any goal that was set for the Fund.”

Fund Sabbath
Southwestern Jewish Press April 2, 1954 Page 6

United Jewish Fund Sabbath will be held at Tifereth Israel Synagogue this Friday, April 2 at 8:15 ;.m.  Speaking for the Combined Jewish Appeal will be Prof. Guy Davis.


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