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Mural and yacht reflect bassoonist Eichenlaub’s love of music

June 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Mural at Eichenlaub Marine, Shelter Island, San Diego

SAN DIEGO (Press Release)–A colorful mural commemorating a world-famous sailing vessel now adorns the entire side of Eichenlaub Marine on Shelter Island. “Evolution of a Yacht,” by artist Linda Churchill, was officially dedicated Friday, June 4,  at Eichenlaub Marine, located at 2608 Shelter Island Drive.

The mural depicts the racing yacht “Cadenza”, designed, owned and built by Carl Eichenlaub, president of Eichenlaub Marine.  “Cadenza” in music refers to an ornamental solo passage, and music is one of Eichenlaub’s passions. As an avocation, he plays the bassoon with the Tifereth Israel Community Orchestra.

The 45-foot aluminum “Cadenza” has sailed in dozens of high profile races, with its owner proudly at the helm. He has won prestigious races such as the Lipton Cup and the San Francisco Big Boat Series. Just last year, at age 79, Eichenlaub sailed it in the 62nd annual Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race.

Eichenlaub, one of Shelter Island’s first tenants, has been in the boat building business since he was a teenager. His facility on Shelter Island has been a fixture since the 1950s and he is known worldwide for his skill in designing, building and sailing vessels.

Last year, Eichenlaub completed a nearly $1.2 million remodel on his Shelter Island facility. The remodel entailed refurbishing a 3,625-square foot building, changing the building’s façade and reconfiguring the shop/construction space. An additional 2,600-foot building was constructed that included shop/construction space and office space. Additionally, the existing floating docks were replaced with new docks and new electrical and water lines were installed.

As part of its lease with the Port of San Diego, the Eichenlaub redevelopment project was required to include a public art element. Eichenlaub and his wife Jean, who also serves as vice president of the business, commissioned Linda Churchill to paint “Evolution of a Yacht.”

Churchill began the project last summer and completed it in November 2009. The estimated cost of the artwork was $12,000.

Specializing in the trompe l’oeil technique, which involves realistic imagery to create an optical illusion of three dimensions, she has won numerous awards.

She received an Orchid Award in 1989 for her mural painted on Advance Blueprint on Midway Drive in San Diego and a 1993 Orchid for her 40′ x 250′ foot trompe l’oeil mural on the loading dock of Ace Hardware on University Avenue in San Diego. Orchid Awards are part of the annual Orchids & Onion Program, created by the San Diego Architectural Foundation. Orchids are given to projects of excellence and onions are given to those that fail to meet design standards. Churchill also received a 2009 Historic Preservation Award for a mural at the University Heights Library in San Diego.

Her other work includes a mural for international retailer Gucci at the Caesars Forum in Las Vegas and a trompe l’oeil of London’s Paddington Station on the Idar Delapara Restaurant in Mexico City.

A life-long Californian, Churchill received a Bachelor of Arts in Painting from San Diego State University. A self-described novice sailor with a grand appreciation of boat building, she worked closely with the Eichenlaubs on every step of “Evolution of a Yacht.” In 1986, she survived a hurricane onboard a motor yacht off the coast of Nicaragua. She credits this experience with launching her passion of painting seafaring vessels.

Preceding, minus the musical additions,  provided by the Port of San Diego