There is a Jewish story everywhere

There is a Jewish story everywhere?

Is this a chutzapadik statement?  What makes us think so?

It is based on three major assumptions:

1) Jews are widely-traveled.  Whether because we were forced by oppressors to convert to other religions or to flee, or because we sought opportunities in other countries, Jews have been on the move throughout history.  And wherever they have gone, they have left traces.

2) The Hebrew Bible has worldwide influence.  Almost wherever you go, you will find place names that are taken from the Bible.  Similarly, you may find art, in any of its many forms, inspired by the Bible. 

3) The modern nation of Israel has relationships with countries throughout the world.

  1. September 28, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    I have always been mesmerized by the Jewish mystic stories through out my life both as a teenager and well into my adulthood. This influence has emerged in both my reading choices and in writing style that most now call magic realism. But I feel it’s roots are distinctly Jewish, that of seeing wonder and magic in the world.

    I think of this as a reality that is slightly bent as opposed to science fiction, which is completely bent. Stories of this nature have a subtle and bewitching way of blending the out of the ordinary with everyday life. Is not this the Jewish experience too?

    Julie Ann Weinstein
    Author of Flashes from the Other World (All Things That Matter Press, November 2010)

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