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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, September 17, 1954, Part 6

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

March of “Dimes Raises $60,000 in Drive
Southwestern Jewish Press, September 17, 1954, Page 10

The 1954 Emergency March of Dimes in San Diego County has been an unqualified success, Jerry Rudrauff, March of Dimes chairman, announced today.

The Emergency drive to raise funds for the care of polio victims throughout San Diego County has been successful in raising more than $60,000 as of today, Rudrauff said.

U.S. Constitution Day Set for Sept. 17
Southwestern Jewish Press, September 17, 1954, Page 10

Now established as a tradition in the community, a patriotic program commemorating the 167th anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution in 1787 will be held Friday, Sept. 17, at 7:30 p.m. in the Roosevelt Junior High auditorium under sponsorship of the San Diego County Masonic Officers Association.

The program open to the public without charge, will feature three community leaders in a panel discussion of the Constitution and its relationship to the schools, the church, and the U.S. citizen.

In addition, there will be patriotic musical selections by the Bonham Brothers Boys Band and the Helix High School music department, plus a dramatic presentation of massed colors by veterans’ organizations and other patriotic groups which will participate.

Army to Repel ‘Foe’ on Reserve Day September 18
Southwestern Jewish Press, September 17, 1954, Page 10

More than 200 Army infantrymen will charge up the Florida Street Canyon in an attempt to dislodge an “enemy aggressor” unit on September 18.

As one of the highlights of Army Reserve Day, the infantrymen will participate in a special battle demonstration which the public is invited to observe.

The all-day program will feature the battle show, displays of the newest Army equipment, including a “Nike” guided missile, and Hollywood stars who will present a free evening show in Balboa Bowl.

About 80 San Diego Reservists will play the part of the “enemy.”  They will attempt to defend their one remaining stronghold in the city, as the remnants of a large enemy force.

The defense positions will roughly run on a line out from the War Memorial Building from one side of the canyon to the other. The action can be observed from either Pershing Drive or Park Boulevard.

The “enemy aggressors” may be distinguished by their helmets, which will have a bar-like affair on top, similar to ancient Prussian helmets. Army infantrymen will wear green-grey combat fatigue clothing.

Like Russian and Chinese outfits the “aggressors” will have a larger number of automatic weapons for use at the defense positions than will the attacking force. A narrator near the main stand on Park Boulevard will described the attack methods utilized by the Army infantry company.

Machine guns, rifles, hand grenades, mortars and all the other infantry weapons will be demonstrated in the assault.  Tanks will support the attacking infantry’s charge.

The battle program will take place from 3 until 4:30 p.m.  It is the first time since the closing of Fort Rosecrans Hospital that an organized Army unit will have been in San Diego.

Heart Association Has Good News For Sufferers
Southwestern Jewish Press, September 17, 1954, Page 10

Good News for people who have suffered recent heart attacks was received today by the San Diego County Heart Association. Findings of a committee appointed by the American Heart Association, working over a two year period, in cooperation with 16 hospitals, have found anti-blood clotting drugs very effective in reducing the death rate from heart attacks.

According to Dr. W.C. Cooke, a director of the San Diego County Heart Association, “Heart attacks, the leading cause of death in the United States, occur most frequently when the blood supply  to the heart muscle is bloked by the formation of a clot in one of the coronary arteries which supply the heart muscle with gblood. The blockage of the artery is known technically as ‘coronary thrombosis,’ while physicians use the term ‘myocardial infarction’ to describe the resultant damage or destruction of heart muscle tissue.”

In this study of 1,031 patients who had suffered recent heart attacks and who had survived the first twenty-four hours in a hospital, a one-third drop in the death rate from heart attacks was achieved through anti-blood clotting drugs.  There was an even greater drop in the complications to which patients suffering heart attacks was susceptible.”

The Ideal American Jew: A Tercentenary Rosh Hashanah Message
Southwestern Jewish Press, September 17, 1954, Page 11

By Charles Aaron
President, National Jewish Welfare Board

Traditionally, of course, the High Holy Days are a time for sober reflection, taking inventory of ourselves and our institutions, and rededicating our efforts to a better and brighter future. This year, since we are observing not only Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur but also the Tercentenary of Jewish settlement in the U.S., it is appropriate, I think, to take stock of both our Jewish heritage and our American heritage.

We Jews in America know our “American heritage, handed down by our founding fathers, as a government established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes. We have gladly assumed the obligation this heritage carries with it, to support our country’s Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to protect it against its enemies.

Through our Jewish heritage, humanity received its classic religious faith and its greatest sacred literature. From the loins of this heritage sprang the prophets who firt proclaimed to mankind the dignity of the individual and the brotherhood of man and the great heroes of the human mind and the social scene – thinkers, philosophers, scientists, all making their contributions in every age to freedom of the spirit and to justice and peace for all men.

These two heritages supplement and strengthen each other.  The history of America is our history and the history of the Jews is also our history. Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson are our heroes, together with Moses, the Maccabees and Maimonides.  On the Fourth of July we set off fireworks and later in the year we light the Hanukah candles.

Both our American heritage emphasize the worth of the individual and his right to freedom and in both is a passionate devotion to social justice.

The well-adjusted American Jew, the informed and understanding Jew—the ideal American Jew whom the National Jewish Welfare Board (JWB) seeks to develop—understands and appreciates both his American and Jewish heritages. Such a person walks with pride but without arrogance, with dignity, serenity and comfort, a whole man living his life as an American and as a Jew, one and indivisible.

This, then is the ideal for which the National Jewish Welfare Board exists.  I hope that as its new president, with God’s help and your support—the support of the entire American Jewish community—I may, in the coming years, make some small contribution toward its attainment.

Speech Arts Studio Begins New Season
Southwestern Jewish Press, September 17, 1954, Page 11
Miss Esther Siegel announces the opening of her Speech Arts Studio for the Fall and Winter season.

Courses for children and young people will offer both private and group instruction in Dramatics, Interpretive Reading, Oral Expression with emphasis upon overcoming poor habits of voice and diction.

Also special training for adults in Speech Improvement, Diction, vocabulary building and public speaking which will stress the development of personality and self-confidence and thus help the individual to become more effective in social, business and civic life.

For further information, contact Miss Siegel at her studio, Barcelona Hotel, Belmont 2-0153.


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