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Adventures in San Diego Jewish History, October 15, 1954, Part 2

Compiled by San Diego Jewish World staff

Society News
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 3

Nathan Halle, 84 years “young,” has just returned from a three month’s vacation in Europe and the East Coast.

It won’t be all work for Carl Esenoff when he attends the annual meeting of the American Institute of Accountants in New York.  Carl, who was recently elected a member of the Council, will be accompanied by his wife Bernice, and friends, Milo and Sadie Berenson.  The foursome flew East on October 13 and expect to be gone for two weeks.

It shouldn’t be long now.  Mike Williams Schwartz’ agent wants him “on the spot” in Hollywood, so our embryo star is staying at the Chadwick School in Rolling Hills, California.  He’d like to hear from his San Diego pals.

Nooze from U.C.LA – David Levens was pinned by Sigma Alpha Mu “Sammies” and Stan Camiel was pinned by Phi Sigma Delta “Phi Sigs.”  Mrs. Zel Camiel is attending the Phi Sigma Delta Mothers’ Club Pledge Tea, October 13, at the Chapter House in Westwood.

In Celebration of their 30th wedding anniversary, Blanche and William Davis of La Mesa have left for a month’s trip to the east where they will visit relatives in Bradford, Penn., Cleveland and Chicago.  They expect a grand reunion with their family, some of whom haven’t seen Bill since he left Chicago 12 years ago.

Sylvia and Lou Solof are in Los Angeles this weekend on a pleasant errand.  Sylvia will attend the Mother’s Tea of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority at UCLA, to which daughter, Linda, has been pledged. Poor Lou, as only a father, will be left to his own devices for the duration of the tea.

Get in line, girls – and read carefully the following statistics!  Max Lercher arrived from San Francisco in September, is practicing law in San Diego, is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, and Hastings Law School, and most delightful of all – is a Bachelor.

Among the students at USC but not wearing a freshman beany is Dick Lustig, who is boning up on several advanced taxation courses on that campus. Give it the old college try, and a Rah! Rah! Dick!

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lasky and Mrs. Anna Leibhaber take this means of expressing their thanks for the many kindnesses shown by their friends on the loss of their mother, Mrs. Ida Lasky.

Jean Bass, who is feeling much better after her recent illness, wishes to thank her friends for their consideration.

Register Now For Dramatic and Speaking Groups
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 3

Miss Esther Siegel announces that a special class for children in Oral Expression and Dramatics will begin Wednesday, October 20.  The course is designed to help the child develop his imagination through interesting, creative dramatics with emphasis upon improving the speaking voice, overcoming poor habits of diction and encouraging self-confidence. Tuition–$5.00 a month with all lesson material furnished.

Also, Miss Siegel announces that small, informal groups in Public Speaking and Discussion are now being  organized.  Particular stress will be made to help develop the individual personality by acquiring poise, self-confidence, voice improvement, relaxation, vocabulary building, and the ability to express one’s thoughts with greater ease. Private instruction is also offered.

For further information, contact Miss Siegel at her studio in The Barcelo0na Hotel—Belmont 2-0153.

Jolly 16 Plan 40th Anniversary Dance
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 3

Plans have been completed for the celebration of the Jolly-16 Club’s 40th Anniversary Dinner-Dance, to be held Nov. 21, in the new grand ballroom of the El Cortez Hotel.  An outstanding orchestra will provide the music. Those wishing to arrange for tables are advised to make reseratios early from any of the following members:

Mesdames A. Bard, Ted Brenner, Saul Chenkin, Carl Esenoff, Arthur Glickman, Robt. Gordon, Mary Kantor, Maxwell Kaufman, Harry Klaskin, Ida Lipinsky, Paul Nestor, Julia Neumann, Al Neumann, Nate Ratner and Louis Steinman.

Bonds for Israel
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 3

Murray D. Goodrich, Chairman of the Bonds for Israel Government Program in San Diego, said that he wished to express the deep appreciation of the entire Bond Committee to the San Diego Bay City Chapter of B’nai B’rith women in postponing their dinner dance which was originally scheduled for October 24th and which is now to take place at the Mission Valley Country Club on November 14th.

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 3

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Krakoff (Jackie Brodman) of Coronado announce the birth of their first child, a son, Jeffrey Stuart, on September 19, weighing 7 lbs, 2 oz.

Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Brodman of San Diego; paternal grandparents and Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Krakoff of South Gate, California.

Classified Ads
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 3

Room for Rent – Private bedroom in fine home near transp. North Park.  Male only.  Call AT 2-6274.  JU 2-0944.

Room, with kitchen privileges for 1 or 2.  $35-$45 mo.  La Mesa, near buses.  HO-9-4673.

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 3

16th—Y.J.C. Halloween Party—Tifereth Israel Center – 8 p.m.
17th–Groundbreaking Ceremony for Hebrew Home for the Aged –54th & University – 2:30 p.m.
21st—Bay City B.B. Rummage Sale—3087 National Ave.
21st—City of Hope Aux. – Anna Shelley Memorial Fund Luncheon—Beth Jacob Center—12 noon.
23rd—Poale Zion Installation –Ti9ferethn Israel Center – 8 p.m.
24th—B.I.G. Banquet featuring Jan Peerce –El Cortez Hotel.
25th—Lasker Lodge Annual Membership Meeting
25th—Birdie Stodel Donor Luncheon – Don Room, El Cortez Hotel-noon.
26th—Beth Jacob Sisterhood Fashion Show-Dinner – B.J. Center – 6 p.m.
26th—Temple Beth Israel Men’s Club Annual Political Dinner—Temple Center

6th—House of Pacific Relatios—Annual Fiesta—House of Hospitality—8 p.m.
10th—J.W.V. Auxiliary Luncheon-Card Party-Beth Jacob Center -12 noon.
13th-Lasker Lodge “”Boom Nite”—War Memorial Bldg.
14th—Bay City B.B. Donor Dinner—Mission Valley Country Club.

Men’s Club Sponsors Tallis and Tefilin Club

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 4

The Men’s Club has issued an invitation to all boys and girls of Bar Mitzvah and Bas Mitzvah age, and over, to join them each Sunday morning for a delicious Breakfast.  The Breakfast will be preceded by a period of worship and followed by a discussion session. Members of the Men’s Club and other adults, both men and women, are cordially invited to attend these Breakfast Club meetings.

October 31, at 9:00 a.m. is the date for the first Breakfast Club meeting. On the menu that morning will be juice, lox, bagel, cream cheese, scrambled eggs, coffee and milk.

Arnold Gale, Dan Cheron and Sam Brenes are in charge of refreshments, and Lloyd Greene is general chairman of the project.

Bay City B.B. Women Plan Donor Dinner
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 5

The next regular meeting of the Bay City B.B. Women, Chapter No. 713, will be held at Tifereth Israel Synagogue on Monday, October 25 at 8:30 p.m.

All Donor Raffle Books must be in before this meeting as the Raffle of the Rotisserie Broiler will be held at this time.

Please Note—The date of the Donor Dinner has been changed to Nov. 14, at the Mission Valley Country Club with music by Earl Fisher and the Orchestra. There will be Hollywood Talent as an added attraction and many delightful surprises.

Mrs. Rose Schwartz, Chairman and Mrs. Sylvia Rose, Co-Chairman promise a fine evening with good food and dancing.

Rummage Sale – Rummage Sale to be held at 3087 National Ave. on Thurday, Oct. 21, early in the a.m. Mrs. Sol Addis asks the cooperation of the Chapter ladies to call the Area chairmen for their Rummage.

(Best Days)
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 5

Unforunately no man knows his best days until they have been added to his past.

Y.J.C. Plans Halloween Costume Party

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 5Z

The Young Jewish Couples Club is holding its annual Halloween Costume Party in the Center of the Tifereth Israel Synagogue on Saturday, October 16, at 8 p.m.  Traditional games, the sharing of cider and doughnuts, dunking for apples, etc., are all planned. In addition, numerous prizes will be given away.  There will be awards for simplicity and originality of costumes, as well as for the more lavish type.  There will be a door charge of fifty cents per person.

City of Hope Aux
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 5

The next meeting is on October 12 at the Highland and Landis St. Center at 8:15 p.m. Rose Okmin, chairman, promises an interesting and informative program on Civil Defense.

More new regarding the “Little Helpers Crusade” to help raise money for the new Leukemia Wing at the City of Hope Hospital will be brought to the group.  We know you won’t want to miss it. For further information, call Mrs. Irma Ruden, AT 1-5060.

Thanks Extended
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 5

Mr. M.S. Berlin, on behalf of the Chaim Weizmann Branch of Poale Zion, wishes to personally thank the following persons who have contributed to the planting of a garden of trees in Israel in memory and tribute to the late Sol Goodman:

Rose Abrams, Meir Barach, M. Bobrof, Frank Berman, Rose Brooker, I.J. Domnitz, Morris Douglas, Leon Elkin, Ben Feinberg, Joseph Goldberg, Bud Levi, B. Mallen, Chas. Press, N. Prager, Jos. Richlin, Abe Olf, Ruben Umansky, Jack Brisker and B. Veitzer.

Additional contributions may still be made by contacting Mr. Berlin at JU 2-2702.

Chaim Weizmann Branch of Poale Zion

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 5

Installation of new officers has been set for Saturday, October 23 at Tifereth Israel Center.  It will be sponsored and arranged by the wives of outgoing an incoming officers under the chairmanship of Chaveras Barach and Olsher.

Members and friends are asked not to forget the date of our installation, Saturday, October 23, at Tifereth Israel Center at 8 p.m.

Contract Bridge Master To Teach
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 5

Leo Zwiebel, well known Contract Bridge Player, is now available for instruction.  Mr. Zwiebel, who has been a resident of San Diego for many years, is a former winner of a national contest as Master Contract Bridge Player, and holds a Culbertson Certificate as a qualified teacher.

Offering a course of ten lessons for individuals and groups, Mr. Zwiebel will teach the new point count, valuation, bidding and strategic play.

Further information can be had by calling JU 2-6669.

Birdie Stodel Women Active On All Fronts
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 5

Birdie Stodel Chapter has presented to the S.D. County Schools 200 Appointment Books and 25 booklets, “The Rabbi Brothers,” as part of their Anti-Defamation work.  MRs. Ted Brav, Southern Area American Civic Affairs Chairman will conduct a workshop in Los Angeles on Oct. 18.  They will also plan to participate in the Tercentenary Celebration.

Birdie Stodel women are active in United Nations program, United Success Drive, and the Jewish Community Center presentation of Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Russ Auditorium on Nov. 11 at 8:00 p.m.

(Affair Monitors)
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 5

People who are inclined to look over the affairs of others are very apt to overlook their own.

Address by Durant To Open S.D. Forum
Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 5

The 1954-55 season of the San Diego Open Forum will open Oct. 31 with an address by Dr. Will Durant on “The Conflict of Civilizations,” board President William J. Lyons announced yesterday.

Forum events will be at 8 o’clock Sunday evenings in the auditorium of the First Unitarian Church, 1514 6th Ave.  Dr. Peter H. Samsom will serve as program director for the sixth year.

Other forum speakers will be Rex Miller, “Can Western Europe Stick Together,” Nov. 14; a pro-and-con discussion of “The Israel-Arab Conflict” by Dr. Guy Davis and Dr. John Boles, Dec. 5; Amiya Chakraverty, “An Asian Looks at the World,”  Jan. 30.

Kenyon J. Scudder, “Prisoners Are People,” Feb 20; Margaret Mead, “The Emerging American Character,” March 20; Dr. Milton Silverman, “What’s Coming in Medicine?” April 17; and Dr. Hubert Herring, “Behind the Scenes in Latin America,” May 8.

KFMB-Radio Announces Appointments

Southwestern Jewish Press, October 15, 1954, Page 5

Two new appointments to the staff of KFMB-radio were announced today by A.M. Mortensen, station manager.

Patrick J. McGuiness is now news editor, replacing Ray Wilson, who will devote all his time to his duties as newscaster for KFMB-TV, Channel 8.

An addition to the sales staff of the radio station is James E. Fox, sales representative.

“Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” is sponsored by Inland Industries Group LP in memory of long-time San Diego Jewish community leader Marie (Mrs. Gabriel) Berg. Our “Adventures in San Diego Jewish History” series will be a regular feature until we run out of history.  To find stories on specific individuals or organizations, type their names in our search box.  

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